How Tongkat Ali Extract Treats Andropause

If you’re looking for male enhancement, look no further than Tongkat Ali extract. Yes, it is true that many men, as they get older, experience a warning of their libido and ability to function sexually, which is known as andropause. Some of the most common symptoms of this condition include weight gain, lack of interest in sexual activity (or dropping off of libido), a lowering of energy, and mental lethargy, which is especially damaging.

The Benefits of Tongkat Ali

For men in this situation, it can feel especially frustrating, because you want your body to do what it used to do. While there is such a thing as testosterone replacement therapy, it often doesn’t do exactly what it says it will, so you may want to seek out other options. Many men in this situation have begun to look for herbal alternatives to the lack of energy and libido reduction that they feel deeply.

Tongkat Ali root is a long-time, standard treatment for andropause and lack of libido.

This compound has many ingredients that have long been shown to help with men’s sexual health, and it can increase function. In tests with animals, this compound has been shown to increase libido, increase semen quality, and also to support the growth of muscles. These effects happen because of an increase in testosterone, largely.

A study in Malaysia in 2012 featured 76 men, and only 35% of these men had normal testosterone levels. After supplementing with the Tongkat Ali for one month, their testosterone levels jumped to over 90%.

There was also another survey that showed that men who took the Tongkat Ali every day experienced increased libido, better erectile function, and better semen volume. So these two studies clearly show that Tongkat Ali can be the best thing for men experiencing the lethargy of age.

It is worth mentioning that while not all will experience increased erectile function and libido, many will experience big improvements in sperm quality. As you may not know, sperm quality can definitely increase male fertility, so this is a good thing to have to take if you can afford to buy some. In another study, 75 men were shown to experience big improvements in sperm quality, and some even reported new pregnancies. The rate of new pregnancies was 15%.

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As you can see, andropause can affect middle-aged men, and it’s a good time to try Tongkat Ali if you can. So, make sure that you try some, and be prepared to see the life changes you need to see.