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This is my personal Girlfriend Activation System Review (otherwise known as GAS), from Christian Hudson and The Hero Co, and I have to say it is generating a lot of interest all over the web.

But that doesn’t mean it will work for you so let me explain what it is all about so you can make an informed decision.

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The core system claims to be able to give any guy the ability to get a high quality girl friend. Now that last part is really important.

This is not about just getting some random girl to like you. This is about getting the one girl you’ve always thought to be out of your league.

The reason why this works so well is the program takes into account most women’s want or even need to have a guy romance them like they read about in their romance books, or in the movies.

This usually involves what Christian calls the ‘obsession story’ and is the main thread in all of the Literotica books that women love to read.

This is the romantic dream of a man, literally sweeping a woman off oh her feet, like a knight in shining armor.

Since this rarely happens in today’s dating world, if done correctly it will literally make a woman fall in love much faster, and much stronger than other tradition dating or attraction methods.


Christian spent a year analyzing what is so attractive about a woman’s obsession story and how to train guys to be the lead in that story.

So, with that said as the core of The Girlfriend Activation System, let’s look at the program in more detail:

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System

If you look at the membership area of the GAS program there are 6 main components.

Section 1: How To Be The Obvious Choice For Women

Section 2: The Keys To Creating Your Own Mindset For Having A Real Relationship

Section 3: How To Create Amazing First Impressions With Women That You Meet

Section 4: Nick Sparks And How To Approach Fearlessly

Section 5: From Just Dating To Having Sex And How To Transition Quickly And Easily

Section 6: Ways To Transition From Hooking Up To Her Becoming Your Girlfriend

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Who is The Girlfriend Activation System For?

This program is for anyone who has either struggled to get a girl to like him, or maybe they have just not had the success they want. So for someone looking to not only attract, but keep a high quality girl-friend, but don’t know where to even start. This program literally gives guys almost an unfair advantage with women.

If you are looking for the right things to say to different types of women, I recommend you check out this post about Pandora’s Box.

The girlfriend activation system enables guys to essentially insert a romantic story about the future with him, into a woman’s deep inner thoughts which make her romantically interested in him. This works even if she wasn’t attracted to him when she first met him. This training teaches guys to create a romantic shortcut into the deepest part of a woman’s romantic area of her mind and thoughts, making him the object of her desire.

Who is This Product NOT For?

Simply put, anyone who wants to manipulate women should not invest in this program. It would be immoral to use the teachings of this system to penetrate the hard-wiring of a woman’s brain and access her reptilian responses to basic human needs and desires.

If you are someone who is going to use this to take advantage of women, this system is most definitely not written for you and you should leave this page immediately.


Benefits From The Girlfriend Activation System Training


1. There is no so called community language or technical jargon.

This system focuses on female psychology and what we know about what turns on a women and uses it to your advantage. The recent craze of literotica provides a sample of what types of techniques you will learn inside the member area.

2. You are given real world actionable advice.

You not only get a ton of great theories and advanced research into why this works, but you also get real world examples of things you can do or say right now to dramatically improve the response you are getting from women.

There are word for word conversations that you can use immediately. The coaches also break down why certain words work, when used at the right time and why using the same words at the wrong time can have dramatically different results.

3. The system is proven to work on all types of women.

get-this-girl-imageNo more getting results with just one type of woman, and having to settle on only that one type. This attraction technique is universal among all women. So, you will learn what attracts all women, as you will learn the attraction and romance story that is hard wired into all female minds.

Additionally, one of the benefits of studying how get the girl of your dreams, is that your journey of self improvement will result in not only women being attracted to you, but you will be more respected by your peers. Talk about another great benefit. This training is not just about being more successful with women, it will enrich who you are as a person.

4. It is a system that can be used for far more than just getting a single girl to like you.

Despite the great title, the actual training is more than just creating a monogamous, long term relationship. While the goal is to teach guys ways to attract high-quality women into their life, the actual advice in this system can be used if you want to date multiple women until you find the one that is perfect for you.

It’s really a social mastery program, and how many women you choose to date is up your discretion, just please be respectful and honest with the women you are dating. Nobody wants to feel deceived or lied to, so don’t be a jerk with this training.


5. It’s Effective For Any Man.

You don’t have to start with lot’s of money, good looks, a high fashion sense, etc. in order to pick up women. All it requires is that a man be willing to study women and how they work inside. This will allow you to become the type of guy that women have trouble resisting. It won’t happen immediately, but if you stick with the training you will soon see dramatic results.

This training will not only make any guy more desirable, it will make him feel better about who he is, allowing him to maintain and feel worthy of a long term relationship.

I’ve seen so many guys get very high quality women as girl friends only to blow it because they do not have the self confidence and inner game to keep her. They start to feel unworthy, start acting needy or jealous and literally drive the women away from them.

Simply put, this program helps guys improve on the things they can improve upon, such as how they dress, how they compose themselves and help them to change their limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs that can then be factors to generate long term, genuine attraction.

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Girlfriend Activation System Review –

But Will it Really Work?

I strongly believe this can work for anyone who puts in the effort required. This means, watching all the videos. Taking notes. Dedicating themselves to make the changes that are taught by the coaches. This also includes being active in the members area and working not only with the coaches, but also seeking advice from other students in the members forum.

This resource with the coaches and other students is absolutely priceless and will ensure that anyone who applies themselves will have success with this program. Who knows, you may even become a resources for newer members seeking advice after awhile. That’s when you know you have really made progress.

My Final Thoughts And Recommendation

Being a personal friend of Christian Hudson, I may appear biased, but that is also because I have been around him enough to know that what he teaches is how he lives his life. He literally is always surrounded by high quality women (and men) and he lives a life of true abundance.

This training is literally the summation of how he has achieved what he has in his life. He leaves no secrets unspoken, and shares everything he knows about being successful with women and in life. This program is absolutely amazing and I have to give it my absolute top recommendation. You will not be disappointed if you invest in this fantastic program.


The Girlfriend Activation System
Reviewed by Bill Bell
Rating: 9.8