The Amazing Benefits Of Tribulus Terrestris Extract

As men get older they see a sharp drop in libido and energy levels. For generations, this was an accepted side effect of getting old. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Men over 40 now have many natural substances that they can take to regain the vitality and sex drive of their youth. One of the most popular supplements is Tribulus extract.

This supplement has provided many men with increased energy and libido. And the best this is it is all natural. Many men want to avoid taking drugs as they have some harmful side effects. Because of this, they are looking for more naturally occurring solutions.

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

What Is Tribulus Extract?
Tribulus is a low growing plant that produced a spiny fruit. It is the fruit that the extract comes from.

This extract has been used medicinally in Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries. It has also been used in Eastern Europe for just about as long. Tribulus extract has been used to combat many illnesses including urinary tract infections, skin irritation and for itchy eyes.

It has also been used as a tonic to fight lethargy and fatigue in Indian medicine.

tribulus-terrestrisIn the last few decades, Tribulus extract has gained in popularity across Eastern Europe.

The people of this region view the supplement as a libido enhancer.

It is widely viewed as a tonic that enhances sexual drive and improves the duration of erections.

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In addition, Tribulus extract has been found to increase the number of sperm a man produces as well as increasing their motility and viability.

In a recent study, Tribulus was given to eight healthy men and women in a dose of 250mg three times a day for five days. At the end of the study, the men had an increase in testosterone levels. the average subject increased his testosterone levels by 300%.

With this increased testosterone levels, many men experience an increase in energy and vitality as well. Tribulus has been shown to be a general stimulator and has increased activity levels across a wide range. It has also been shown to improve muscle tone and motor activity.

As with any supplement, the source matters. The active properties of Tribulus extract depend on which part of the plant is used; root, stem, leaves, or fruit. Growing conditions count as well. Plants of any kind will produce higher quality fruit if they are grown in optimum conditions.

Finding high-quality Tribulus extract is fairly easy. There are a number of quality manufacturers that can be found with a simple Internet search. Make sure your supply is all natural and you will be happy.