Patriot Power Greens – The Perfect Green Powdered Drink

One key component that most men over look is how much fruits and vegetables they eat (especially super foods and green veggies). It really isn’t your fault as most guys were raised to enjoy burgers, steaks and fries (fries are technically a vegetable, right?)

But that is not enough. We are true omnivores and that means we need a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Patriot Power Greens Review:

Now why is this important? Well without the proper fruits, vegetables and digestive enzymes a number of negative health effects occur.

1. We don’t process our food very well. Digestive enzymes are critical ensuring we extract the nutrition out of our food.
2. We don’t promote healthy antioxidants in our system. These can cause an untold of number of negative health effects.
3. We build up inflammatory acids, which is the leading cause of joint pain, fatigues and a host of other problems (especially as we age).

So the solution is easy, right? Eat more greens, fruits and super foods. Not so fast.

If you are like me, and busy – you may not have time to source all of these foods and process them without spending a ton of your free time.

Instead, take a look at Patriot Power Greens. It is rather inexpensive, super easy to drink (you simply mix one scoop with a glass of water and bingo, you are done).

If you are on the fence, I suggest you try it for a month. They have a full money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you, and just think of how great you will feel if it does work for you (like it did for me).

You can find out more information and get a much more thorough understanding of Patriot Power Greens here:

Now get out there and give this a try, you will thank me later… oh ya, it tastes delicious, so it has that going for it.