A Real “Kinetic Attraction Review” – Get The Facts

Kinetic Attraction is a new training program from Adam Lyons that is designed to help guys get women to approach them with zero risk of rejection.

Using scientifically proven body language secrets that have are hard wired into the human brain through the evolutionary process, Adam shows how to take advantage of the secret sexual attraction signals that women can not help but find extremely attractive.

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kinetic attraction principles

The Kinetic Attraction principles are so subtle, nobody will notice you doing them, but the women will certainly notice and come talk to you as they will feel an deep, almost subconscious feeling of attraction for you.

What happens then, is they will simply ask you an innocent question, which most guys would answer, ruining all chances of her staying attracted.  That innocent question she asks is literally a test, where she is asking if you really are the guy that she thinks you are.

What is great is Adam shows you exactly how to respond to this test, thus confirming in her mind that the feelings she has for you are real, and then the real fun can begin.

If you’ve ever wandered what it is like to have more than one hot woman vying for you attention, begging you to choose her to go home with, this is the program for you.

What Is The Kinetic Attraction Method?

The Kinetic Attraction method is an online course that shares all of the tips, tricks and proven tactics that Adam Lyon has refined over years of dating and attracting the hottest women.

It breaks down all aspects of both how to give off attractive body language, but also how to read female body language so you always know what to do in any situation to amp up the attraction level.

Using the principles he teaches, men will have women automatically approaching them as the women look to confirm that the subtle signals he is displaying are actually real.

Then it becomes fun, as Adam shows exactly how to respond to any situation. He explains some simple body language tricks that will allow any guy to quickly and effortlessly escape the friend zone without anyone noticing what he is doing.

All of a sudden, she will respond to you in ways you never thought possible.

He shows how to use his method to attract even the most stuck up women, the ones her refers to as the “Ice Queens”, and how to have them melting for him, and becoming the aggressor.

What Do You Get With Your Order

Kinetic Attraction

While you will get full access to Adam’s closed door live training event, in video format. This training was only offered to a select group of VIP students who each paid between $8k and $20k to attend.

You also will get seven bonuses, that are instantly accessible and downloadable.

Five of them are in PDF form, to download and print out at your leisure, while the other two bonuses are complete training modules packed with more videos.

Kinetic Attaction Bonuses

What I Like About The Kinetic Attraction Method

  • The content is really high quality and very enjoyable to watch.
    Adam’s training covers all aspects of meeting and attracting women, with zero risk of rejection.
  • He covers how to apply the Kinetic Attraction principles to relationships, escaping the friends zone and even online dating.

What I Don’t Like About The Kinetic Attraction Method

  • It does take time to watch all the videos and have them downloaded into your brain… but once you do it will make the principles in Kinetic Attraction work automatically.
  • You will need to apply yourself and do exactly what Adam demonstrates, but that is easy because everything he teaches is demonstrated on hot women in the videos.

Final Summary And My Recommendation

There are a lot of programs out there that fill people up with a ton of hype, but most them fail to deliver, regardless of how many great reviews are out there. Most those reviews are fake, but in this case I honestly feel this product is exceptional. It is enjoyable to watch and the methods taught work amazingly well.