What I Find Most Interesting About Vin Dicarlo And His Pandoras Box Program

There’s a lot of hype out there, especially in the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) community, about all kinds of tips and tricks that are “guaranteed” to get you whatever girl you want, when you want her. There are dating advice programs on the web that promise you everything from nightly hook-ups to a live-in stripper. Loads of these programs want to take a huge chunk of money from you and then give you old, regurgitated pointers in exchange.

Frankly, I’ve gotten tired of it. Or, rather, I was tired of it – until I found Pandora’s Box. And I have to say it really resonated with me, especially how different things work for different types of women. Fortunately, the reviews seems to be pretty accurate and not overly hyped.

The program really helps you find out what you’re looking for, and makes it easier to go after it.

What is Pandora’s Box

Vins system is an extensive pick-up/dating advice program that doesn’t just focus on scoring, it emphasizes really learning your targets and steering clear of chicks that might be trouble.

It’s essentially a membership-based program that allows you access to a special part of the site for a pretty decent price. And it can be used for getting hook-ups, girlfriends, and even wives, unlike other gimmicky e-books that just emphasize getting laid on a regular basis.

Surprisingly, Pandora’s Box bases much of its information off of the released findings of a scientific study that’s apparently been underground for years. Its multi-step process is formed from the research experiments of companies like Meyers-Briggs and a number of psychological institutes.

What does Pandora’s Box Do

The program focuses on eight different “types” of women, and what each one needs to hear in order for you to bag her. Despite the simple description it’s a pretty in-depth approach, and adjusts to the needs of each type of girl you’re trying to score with.

It doesn’t oversimplify, it doesn’t leave you to piece everything together. There’s even an extremely helpful segment of the site that teaches you how to figure out which type of girl you’re dealing with, with the use of “the three questions you need to ask” to find out whether you’re barking up the wrong tree or you’ve got the right kind of girl in your cross-hairs.

What I Like About Pandora’s Box

Overall, Pandora’s Box isn’t half bad (it’s great). In addition to the comprehensive nature of Pandora’s Box, the biggest draw for me was the price. I’ve seen some scam artists try to charge hundreds of dollars for information that’s stale and in no way useful.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a membership is only 60 bucks. Another huge sell for me was the way that the Pandora’s Box training walks you through the process.

the science of pandoras boxMaybe it’s a personal preference, but I like programs with steps. That way it’s a mindset you can condition yourself to, rather than a lump of information you’re supposed to dissect on your own. I’ve seen a lot of dating advice– too much, actually– that centers on ‘if you’re a jerk, they will come’. The problem is, no one tells you that being a jerk only gets you temporary scores.

Those of you who have been in the PUA scene for a while can relate when I say that not everyone is interested in a quick lay or being a brute. Pandora’s Box seems to be a little more genteel than other programs.

I guess I could say the program takes you through more of a learning process than a hunting process, and that’s what makes it more versatile than most. If you want to use the program to get laid on the regular, you can do that.

If you want to use the program to get a loyal girlfriend, the right girlfriend, then you can do that. If you’re looking to settle down and want to use the program to find a wife, you can do that. Pandora’s Box puts the ball in your court.

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Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Honestly, I’d recommend you take a look at the program; I’m a pretty heavy skeptic, and I even liked what I saw.

As someone who thought he was terminally single for years and finally found the right girl (after some HARD looking), I can definitely say there’s a great deal of truth to the tips, hints, tricks, and quips in Pandora’s Box. It’s hard to get what you’re after if you don’t know anything about it! Only you know what your specific needs are in going after women, but I’m more than willing to bet that Pandora’s Box will cover them. I would say that Pandora’s Box is one of the most comprehensive and memorable programs out there.

Give that a read. I am also recording a video for those that would rather watch one.

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