How Christian Hudson Changed My Life

A few years ago, living in NYC I thought I had the world by the balls. I had a dream job, was making a ton of money and kept fit by working out every day. But something was missing. I didn’t feel satisfied with the quality of women in my life. I mean I had a few girls I was dating off and on, but they weren’t the high quality women that I knew I was capable of being with.

new-york-cityWell one day a friend of mine introduced me to Christian Hudson. Now Christian Hudson was not only the most social guy I knew, he also had some of the most attractive and interesting women I had ever met in his social circle.

I had to find out his secret. So I started doing whatever I could to hang out with him and become one of the members of his inner circle. It took a lot of work (self improvement, fashion, etc), but over time I became one of his close friends.

Here is a video of him

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We hung out together, talked about life and love and our goals and the more I hung out with him, the more I took on some of the qualities that I respected most about him.

His passion for helping other guys, for interacting with women and just in general having a great social life.

So thank you Christian. You really made a great difference in my life.

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The Amazing Benefits Of Tribulus Terrestris Extract

As men get older they see a sharp drop in libido and energy levels. For generations, this was an accepted side effect of getting old. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Men over 40 now have many natural substances that they can take to regain the vitality and sex drive of their youth. One of the most popular supplements is Tribulus extract.

This supplement has provided many men with increased energy and libido. And the best this is it is all natural. Many men want to avoid taking drugs as they have some harmful side effects. Because of this, they are looking for more naturally occurring solutions.

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

What Is Tribulus Extract?
Tribulus is a low growing plant that produced a spiny fruit. It is the fruit that the extract comes from.

This extract has been used medicinally in Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries. It has also been used in Eastern Europe for just about as long. Tribulus extract has been used to combat many illnesses including urinary tract infections, skin irritation and for itchy eyes.

It has also been used as a tonic to fight lethargy and fatigue in Indian medicine.

tribulus-terrestrisBenefits For Men
In the last few decades, Tribulus extract has gained in popularity across Eastern Europe. The people of this region view the supplement as a libido enhancer. It is widely viewed as a tonic that enhances sexual drive and improves the duration of erections.

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In addition, Tribulus extract has been found to increase the number of sperm a man produces as well as increasing their motility and viability.

In a recent study, Tribulus was given to eight healthy men and women in a dose of 250mg three times a day for five days. At the end of the study, the men had an increase in testosterone levels. the average subject increased his testosterone levels by 300%.

With this increased testosterone levels, many men experience an increase in energy and vitality as well. Tribulus has been shown to be a general stimulator and has increased activity levels across a wide range. It has also been shown to improve muscle tone and motor activity.

As with any supplement, the source matters. The active properties of Tribulus extract depend on which part of the plant is used; root, stem, leaves, or fruit. Growing conditions count as well. Plants of any kind will produce higher quality fruit if they are grown in optimum conditions.

Finding high-quality Tribulus extract is fairly easy. There are a number of quality manufacturers that can be found with a simple Internet search. Make sure your supply is all natural and you will be happy.

Asian Gingseng Extract To Increase Stamina

Looking To Increase Your Stamina? Nature Has An Answer

With more and more research coming out about the negative long term affects of using popular sexual stamina and energy-enhancing prescription drugs, lots of men are looking to more natural sources to increase their libidos and improve their sex lives.

Korean Red Ginseng Benefits

The most popular natural supplement for men looking to increase libido and stamina is Asian ginseng, taken in the form of Asian ginseng extract. Ginseng has been used for these purposes for centuries in ancient traditional Chinese medicine. It has been widely known to increase sexual libido in both men and women, and is completely safe to use regularly.

Regular use of Asian ginseng extract addresses and treats several common male problems, such as erectile dysfunction disorder, low sexual stamina and energy, low libido and sexual desire, and even male fertility issues. When taken as a regular supplement, Asian ginseng extract has also been successful in preventing premature ejaculation. There are other health benefits to taking Asian ginseng extract as well, such as an improvement in overall cognitive function, and prevention of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

By far, however, its most common use is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder. About 5% of men over 40 suffer from this disorder, which is caused by an insufficient amount of blood flow to the penis, making it incredibly difficult to both attain and maintain an erection. A man’s ability to perform sexually is directly linked to his sense of self-confidence, and therefore, if he is unable to achieve an erection, his sense of self-worth suffers.

Asian ginseng treats this disorder by opening up the blood vessels and making them wider. This allows for more blood to flow to the penis in a safe and natural way. Unlike popular sexual enhancement pills on the market which can lead to erections that last for dangerous amounts of time, Asian ginseng allows a man to maintain an erection naturally and for just long enough.

It’s worth noting that Asian Ginseng is one of the main ingredients in Spartagen XT.

Another noted benefit of taking Asian ginseng is its ability to increase male fertility. Research has shown that taking Asian ginseng regularly correlates with a higher sperm count. It also increases sperm motility, increasing the chances of sperm reaching the egg. Additionally, Asian ginseng has been shown to boost testosterone levels, which result in an increased sex drive.

If you are a man looking for a natural alternative to popular but unsafe sexual performance drugs on the market, look no further. Asian ginseng extract is safe, natural, and studies show that it is highly effective in treating a wide range of male sexual problems.

Common Uses For Maca Root

There are plenty of stressful things happening to folks these days. Most people will simply accept the inevitable and move on with their lives. However, if you readers of this article are open for a quick change-of-pace in your life, allow us to introduce you to a plant that was born in Peru that is a vegetable and a member of the broccoli family. It looks like a turnip, and goes by the name Lepidium meyenii also known as the Maca root. And if you will follow through and read the entire article, you could possibly be in the market for a life-changing experience and your body will say thank you very much.

Benefits of Maca Root

How Does Maca Work?

There are so many positive items about this product of Peru and for a long time Maca has been traditionally used as a aphrodisiac all over the world and affects both men and women. Although most all of the past research on Maca comes from Peru, others who have replicated that research would go a long way toward confirming the positive effects that this plant will produce. One thing that researchers found about Maca root is it may increase sexual desire, boost your testosterone and works as an aphrodisiac. Maca benefits also supports the following:

  • Hormonal balance
  • Increases the body energy, stamina and mental clarity
  • It also supports the thyroid gland
  • Supports the bodies normal sexual desires and function

Note: The color of the Maca root can be red, black, pink or yellow. It also doesn’t have a very nice taste since it comes from grassy-dirt. However Maca can be purchased in other forms.

The Best Way to Injest Maca

The standard dose for Maca is 500 to 3,000mg and should be taken daily, alongside food. Maca, for the most part, is treated as a food product and not a dietary supplement. If you get confused, just read and follow the instructions on the label. Also, when you buy Maca make sure what you are using has only Maca root in it, not leaves or stems. As mentioned, Maca is available in powder form and capsules in varying strengths. Recently, gelatinized Maca became available in a completely vegetarian process that removes the starch making it more concentrated. This way Maca is easier to take. Maca can be taken with water, in juices or even added to your smoothies. Maca has been used for thousands of years and is as safe as it gets and is considered a superfood.

Maca is one of the main ways that Spartagen XT helps increase libido.

Special Note: Maca should not be used by women during pregnancy. Also, since Maca acts to stimulate energy, you should take it early in the day so you don’t have trouble falling asleep.

How Tongkat Ali Extract Treats Andropause

If you’re looking for male enhancement, look no further than tongkat ali extract. Yes, it is true that many men, as they get older, experience a waning of their libido and ability to function sexually, which is known as andropause. Some of the most common symptoms of this condition include: weight gain, lack of interest in sexual activity (or dropping off of libido), a lowering of energy, and mental lethargy, which is especially damaging.

The Benefits of Tongkat Ali

For men in this situation, it can feel especially frustrating, because you want your body to do what it used to do. While there is such a thing as testosterone replacement therapy, it often doesn’t do exactly what it says it will, so you may want to seek out other options. Many men in this situation have begun to look for herbal alternatives to the lack of energy and libido reduction that they feel deeply.Tongkat ali root is a long-time, standard treatment for andropause and lack of libido. This compound has many ingredients that have long been shown to help with men’s sexual health, and it can increase function. In tests with animals, this compound has been shown to increase libido, increase semen quality, and also to support the growth of muscles. These effects happen because of an increase in testosterone, largely.

A study in Malaysia in 2012 featured 76 men, and only 35% of these men had normal testosterone levels. After supplementing with the tongkat ali for one month, their testosterone levels jumped to over 90%. There was also another survey that showed that men who took the tongkat ali every day experienced increased libido, better erectile function, and better semen volume. So these two studies clearly show that tongkat ali can be the best thing for men experiencing the lethargy of age.

It is worth mentioning that while not all will experience increased erectile function and libido, many will experience big improvements in sperm quality. As you may not know, sperm quality can definitely increase male fertility, so this is a good thing to have to take if you can afford to buy some. In another study, 75 men were shown to experience big improvements in sperm quality, and some even reported new pregnancies. The rate of new pregnancies was 15%.

Find out other ways to help reduce andropause by reading this post I made.

As you can see, andropause can affect middle aged men, and it’s a good time to try tongkat ali if you can. So, make sure that you try some, and be prepared to see the life changes you need to see.