About Me

Hi! As you can see, I am crazy about self-improvement and getting better with women. I rank it right up there with my love for hamburgers and potato chips. I’m a bit of a nerd and actually a gamer, too, which I’ve found over the years most girls DON’T go crazy about.

I guess there isn’t that many techie girls who like to hunker down and game for twelve hours straight.

I created this blog as a way to share my love for becoming better with women with other guys who may be in the same boat. See, it became clear to me that other people would understand a lot more about all the dating products out there if someone actually did a real review.

I can do that.

Also, a few of the reviews are written by some guy friends of mine, and I trust their opinion. So if it’s on this site, know that I approve of what is written.

Here are some reviews I suggest you take a look at:

Girlfriend Activation System
Pandoras Box
Erect on Demand
Peruvian Brew
Spartagen XT

That should keep you busy. 🙂

If you have even a passing interest in this stuff, I hope you will find my website not only interesting but educational, as well.

Well, enough about me. Thanks so much for stopping by!